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Our website, www.armwrestlersvoice.com, provides all armwrestlers with a central voice for our sport. I will communicate coaching, training, practice, health, competition and other information for everyone to learn, improve, grow our sport and share with one another. I will welcome your input to include in our website. Paul Cohen’s Elite Pulling Center fulfills a need for all arm wrestlers. We have never had a central pulling facility in the USA for everyone to visit to improve. We now have 4 tables and can handle about 16 people. You don't have to be elite. I invite elite Pullers and others to come to our Pulls. Feel free to call me and invite yourselves. Some of the best in the world have come to California for a lot of fun, getting better, sharing our sport, a few beers afterwards and learning from one another. Sessions can be one or two days.

Devon Larratt, Travis Bagent, Eric Woelfel, Luke Kindt, Brian Brandon, Robbie Topie, Valerie Beach, Lisa Wolfley, Marvin Cohen and others have all pulled with us. So has Stop Sign. Most so far are World, National and State Champions. Others are some of the best in the USA and Canada. If you are for real, want to learn and improve, roll up your sleeves and get some dirt under your finger nails, let me know and off we go.

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