July 30 2016  Welcome to everyone.  Our website is intended to be the Voice for all Arm wrestlers. All arm wrestlers belong to a brotherhood and sisterhood.  Our website is for all of us.  Anyone who has pulled knows the unique feeling: experiencing the heart, soul and essence of another human being mano a mano.  There is nothing like it in any other sport.   We have never had one source to create a central voice to grow our sport.  We now do with www.armwrestlersvoice.com.

Our website and newsletters seek to pass the sport on to everyone.  The more people who sign up for our website, the better.  Please go viral.  Send the newsletters you will receive by email to your friends, groups, pulling buddies, email lists, Facebook, Twitter..everyone.  The more people we attract, the more our sport will grow.

The Nutrition/Health section is important and educational.  I am building it out now.  There are now drop down menus.  It will expand and help everyone in your daily lives and your arm wrestling lives. Most, not all of the content, is sourced from Nobel Prize winning science.  Other information has excellent research studies to support its science.

Training/Practice will also be a major topic with drop down menus.  We will discuss ways to improve your training, work on starts, reduce injuries and lengthen your careers.  You Nutrition and health is an integral part of your training

August 3, 2016 There will be a Pull, Saturday August 6, noon, Novato, Calif... Contact:  LukeKindt@yahoo.com.

August 6, 2016  Saturday's Pull at Mike Levin's home was off the charts.  There were about 27 pullers, three hours of fun, practice, getting to know one another better and learning from one another.  Pulls in my view are the stuff of arm wrestling life.  It doesn't get any better in any sport.  Thanks to Mike and Luke from us all.

August 9, 2016.  I have begun to build out our Nutrition/Health sections.  This pull down menu is an important foundation for your total lives.



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