I will share important nutritional and health information. Health and preventing disease is the backbone of all sports including arm wrestling.  The bottom line for everyone is:  oxygenating our bodies, lengthening our telomeres, and preventing toxins from entering our bodies, while eliminating those toxins we have built up within our bodies during our lifetimes.  Much of our foundation regarding Nutrition/Health will be sourced from Nobel Prize winning science. 

Let us now start with the science behind Cancer.  This Nobel Prize is an important foundation for all human health.  I will refer to Dr. Warburg in subsequent articles.  Two of my arm wrestling students recently lost their fathers to cancer within 4 weeks time.  Everyone is affected by this terrible disease.  Let us start to understand cancer as it relates to optimal health.  We can prevent it.


In 1931, Nobel Prize winning German physiologist and medical doctor Otto Heinrich Warburg, MD, PhD discovered the healing and preventative disease power of Oxygen combined with Diet via eating fat and protein. We will need to understand that Dr. Warburg is the foundation for understanding all nutrition and much of human health. Dr. Warburg proved that the way to prevent cancer is to eliminate most of its fuel, which is glucose.  Cancer attacks us if our diets are primarily metabolized into glucose (sugar).  Cancer feeds on glucose which metabolizes into sugars from eating too many sweets, carbohydrates, sugars and an excess of fruits. We do need some glucose for our brains. He proved that eating protein and fat helped prevent cancer and helped to prevent its spreading for those already afflicted.  It is best to eat the protein raw or rare; all fat raw, not cooked. Much of who we are is made up of raw fat and raw protein.  Our brains are primarily 60% raw fat.                

Most cancers start long before it strikes us because our cells become more susceptible and weaker over time. Warburg proved that Cancer cells cannot use oxygen in the same way as normal cells.  Cancer cells are different. They have an anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolism. Cancer has now overtaken heart disease as the number one killer disease of the West. "Therefore, the lack of oxygen is the #1 cause of cancer. It is indisputable that all cancer could be prevented if the respiration of body cells were kept intact.” ..“the cause of Cancer is no longer a mystery; we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements.”

Dr. Warburg’s Nobel Prize also provides a Road Map for many other diseases. We need to understand Dr. Warburg to understand the foundation of nutrition and much of human health.  He believed that a healthy cell is not disease prone and that unhealthy cells attract disease. Warburg believed that we do not ‘catch’ diseases’. Diseases attack our body’s unhealthy cells that lack the necessary oxygen to be healthy cells. He believed that if the body is properly oxygenated, most disease-causing microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, toxins and pathogens could be eliminated if sufficient oxygen reaches the cells through our blood. He concluded that oxygen, protein and fat are all interconnected to battle against disease.

There are now about 6,100+ independent studies that confirm Dr. Warburg’s Nobel-Prize winning science.  You will learn that there are many ways to oxygenate our bodies through foods, mushrooms, herbs and machines.  If we choose our options wisely, we have the ability to manufacture the inside of our bodies in the same way that we manufacture or arms and outside of our bodies for arm wrestling competition.

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