Toxins are the root cause of almost all diseases.  You cannot prevent disease and achieve optimum health if you are poisoning yourself and not eliminating these poisons inside your body on a daily basis. Once you understand how destructive toxins are to your body, you will learn how to eliminate them from entering your body, and expel the many years these poisons have built up within your body.  This is the nutritional foundation for understanding optimum health and preventing disease.

In 2005, the non-profit Environmental Working Group published a study that found 280 deadly chemicals and toxins flowing through a person’s blood.  Incredibly, they have been there since birth!  Of these, 76 chemicals that are known to cause cancer, 94 chemicals are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 79 are chemicals that cause birth defects or abnormal development. Researchers studied the blood of newborn babies and found 287chemicals and other toxins.

It is most important that you understand the ABCs of what these poisons are, how they poison you, and how you can eliminate them from entering your body while expelling them via diet.   Toxic protein, toxic carbohydrates, toxic lipids and Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’s) slowly poison you, create disease, weaken your cells, age us and ultimately cause death, especially in our later years.  Therefore, eliminating poisons combined with a raw food diet high in raw protein, high in raw fat, low in carbohydrates, low in fruits and vegetables, combined with oxygen and and lengthening telomeres would produce a Road Map towards optimal health and preventing most diseases.

We will discuss ways for all of us to prevent toxins from entering our bodies, and eliminating those poisons that have built up during our lifetimes.

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