The Primal Diet (PD)  has the potential to change your life.  The Primal Diet is a 100% raw food diet.  It recommends about 35%-40% raw fats, about 45% raw protein, smaller amounts of organic vegetable juices (about 10%) and 10% smaller amounts of organic fruit, primarily anti-oxidant berries.  It is both a diet and a way of life.  

The purpose of the Primal Diet (PD) is to prevent toxins/poisons from entering our bodies while expelling those toxins/poisons that have accumulated inside our bodies over our lifetimes.

Nobel Prize winning science validates the foundation of the Primal Diet.  Dr. Otto Warburg’s, MD, PhD proof for Oxygen supports a diet of eating large amounts of fat and protein.  It is preferred that the protein and fat be eaten raw.  Warburg's Nobel Prize is also the foundation of the Primal Diet.  Dr. Warburg proved this by showing that cancer cells create a tremendous amount of a byproduct called lactic acid.  Lactic acid is not produced when a cell burns fat; it is only produced when a cell burns glucose.  Therefore, he proved that cancer cells burn only glucose.  Other diets that do not incorporate Warburg, in my view, fail.

You will learn much more about the PD as it relates to all aspects of human health.  Some people will eat everything raw; others part raw and part cooked.  This Road Map will provide individual choices for your life. 

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